Recycled Plastic Benches - Solid Plastic Wood

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Introducing Maintenance Free Benches:

Great for schools, colleges, nurseries, hospitals, and country parks across the country. 

With maintenance budgets being slashed nationwide, the future of picnic benches looks bleak. But fear not, there’s a sustainable solution on the horizon: recycled plastic picnic tables and benches in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Did you know that 30% of landfill waste is comprised of plastic, yet we only recycle about 7% of it? It’s a concerning statistic, and we’re determined to make a difference while providing top-quality products.

Our recycled plastic picnic tables and benches are a game-changer. They never rot, resist mould, and are easy to clean—simply wipe with a cloth or jet wash. They won’t warp or crack in cold weather, and there are no splinters to worry about, making them safe for everyone, including little fingers.

Our products come in a range of colours, including UV-protected options that won’t fade over time. Whether it’s for a school, park, or any outdoor space, our benches will maintain their vibrant appearance for generations to come.

But don’t let the term “recycled plastic” fool you—our benches are far from cheap or flimsy. Made from recycled polystyrene, our plastic wood has the weight and density of South American hardwoods, offering the traditional look and feel of wood with the durability of plastic.

In fact, our products are so realistic that some customers have mistaken them for wood and even complained about it! That’s the level of authenticity and quality you can expect from our recycled plastic benches.

Join us in embracing sustainability without compromising on style or durability. Say goodbye to rot and hello to maintenance-free benches that will enhance any outdoor space for years to come.

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Reuse, Recycle and Sustainability


Recycled Plastic Wood Benches and Tables: 

Welcome to Just Click Plastic Furniture, a leading UK supplier of 100% Recycled Plastic sustainable products. With years of experience, we take pride in delivering a unique and personal service to the Domestic, Commercial, Public, Hospitality, and Educational sectors Nationwide since the turn of the century.

In response to the growing need to recycle and protect the environment, our products feature recycled plastic sourced within the UK, providing an ideal alternative to wood. Our mission is to contribute to environmental rebuilding by transforming discarded materials into valuable, eco-friendly products.

Explore our range of high-quality, robust, and durable Outdoor Furniture and Planters – all crafted from 100% HDPE recycled plastic!

Our weather-resistant and maintenance-free products are a wise investment, ensuring they pay for themselves over time while maintaining a timeless appearance. In short, they offer a worry-free solution!

Our products are perfect for various settings, including public spaces, holiday parks, camp sites, hotels, pub gardens, restaurants, cafes, schools, nurseries, family attractions, sports clubs, care facilities, businesses, and homes.

Thanks to their strength and durability, our products stand out as the maintenance-free alternative, safe for both adults and children. They do not rot, split, or splinter and are as easy to work with as wood. Additionally, their hygienic properties make them easy to clean, as they do not absorb moisture or harbour bacteria.

Our dedicated team is committed to maximizing the potential of your outdoor space at the best possible price. We offer flexibility and understanding to collaborate with you, bringing your ideas to life!

Are you ready to enhance your outdoor spaces, eliminate ongoing maintenance hassles, save money, and contribute to a healthier environment? Look no further – we are the answer!

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Recycled Plastic Raised Bed Garden Planters

Made from recycled plastic, these raised bed planters are strong and stylish. Raised beds are a great way of growing a wide range of plants and vegetables. They boosting drainage and also provide a barrier to protect your produce from pests. You can also introduce a different soil type to your garden. Raised beds are also a useful way to garden if you have mobility issues, as they reduce the need to bend.


Best Eco Friendly, Green and Sustainable Materials

Using recycled and eco friendly products is the easiest way to go green and living in a way that protects the environment. We need to protect our planet from man-made damage. There are easy ways that an individual can lessen the negative effects that our daily lives have on the planet.

It is possible to be eco friendly with small changes, like using a recycled products  in your daily life, to a bigger investment, such as installing solar panels to make the switch to renewable energy for your home. 

Most people struggle to make a meaningful change because they simply don’t know where to begin. Our aim is to help you with affordable green products for the Garden and Home that not only look stylish but are helping the environment with every purchase. We only supply products that are made from recycled or sustainable materials or are environmentally friendly.

Green and Eco Friendly Products for the Garden and Home

Planters and Pots  and  Garden furniture 

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Recycled plastic lumber and recycled timber plastics, also known as recycled plastic wood, is made from taking useless plastic rubbish. Our products can be recycled again. This is the ideal recycling scenario.


There are three main ways the plastic we use every day ends up in the oceans.

  1. Throwing plastic in the bin when it could be recycled
  2. Littering
  3. Products that go down the drain

Use recycled Plastic Products to help stop this?

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